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Bethany Resources and Process

Bethany Inc. is a participating landlord in the Family Rehousing and Stabilization Program (FRSP) Program, but also has supportive services in place for all of our tenants and their families. This will include voluntary compliance with case management, income verification as a low-income tenant as well as providing documentation per the DHCD HOME Program.

As a designated low-income housing provider, we must follow guidelines to provide exceptional housing and supportive services for our families. Good Hope House has rules that must be enforced for the safety, well-being and successful tenancy for all of our families. Successful tenants who have complied with case management, have graduated with the ability to sustain self-sufficiency or be able to navigate to other programs.

Application Process:

     1) Schedule an appointment with Virginia Williams Resource Center by calling (202) 526-0017
        or a Housing Case Manager at an organization in the District of Columbia.

     2) Select a landlord, and confirm vacancy*.

        *To check vacancy with Bethany Inc. contact (202) 678-4084 or info @

     3) Notify your case manager of your selected landlord.
          *If you select Bethany Inc., complete the Tenant Application Form and pay $50.00 application fee.

     4) Work with your case manager to complete forms to return to landlord.

     5) Case manager will send FRSP application to approving Agency for review. Approval or denial will be issued in 48 hours.


     6) Schedule and perform unit inspection.

     7) Once unit has passed inspection, a lease agreement will be created and signed by tenant and property owner.


     8) Pay first month's payment and security deposit within 30 days from lease-up. 

D.C. Resources and Info

If you have emergency needs with homelessness, please reach out to the contacts below.

Shelters and Community Orgs


Shelter Hotline: 1-(800) 535-7252 or

Mayor’s Call Center: 311 TTY/TDD Phone 1-(855)-986-6700


Virginia Williams Family Resource Center:

920 Rhode Island Avenue, NE

Washington, DC 20018

Tel: (202) 526-0017


The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness: 

Shelter hotline: (202) 399-7093

East of the River
Strengthening Collaborative:
(202) 397-7300

Start Your Recovery:


D.C. Housing 

                                         (202) 535-1000

D.C. Dept. of Human Services
Solutions to Ending Homelessness: 

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (202) 698-4166
View Fact Sheet PDF



Capital Area Food Bank-
     Hunger Lifeline:
(202) 644-9807

Food and Friends (DC): (240) 777-1755

DC Dept. of Human Services
     SNAP, Food Stamps:
(202) 727-5355

Bread for the City: (202) 265-2400

Martha's Table: (202) 328-6608

Mom's Meals: (877) 508-6667

Meals on Wheels: (888) 998-6325

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