Our families strive to live with and overcome homelessness, poverty, and other traumas. Overall, we have helped 81 families, including 151 children.

Meet some of our families:

Ms. Barne's Story


I am Laura Barnes.  I want o give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because if

it wasn't for him, I would'nt be here today.  I started this journey on October 13, 2014. 

That was almost four years ago.  Since then I've met nice staff which begam my

support team.  They made me feel at home.


Iv'e made mistakes in my life, sometimes making the same mistakes over and over,

thinking I would get a different result.  That didn't happen.  I had to change my life,

my way of thinking and my attitude.  Being at Bethany helped me.  It was like I had a 

second chance.


I love Bethany because Bethany made me grow up an I thought I was already grown

up.  When you have a good support team it motivates you to the fullest.  God was in 

my corner and my Bethany loved ones.  In the years I was with Bethany, I graduated

from Drug Empowerment's one year program, worked at a church for six months,

dedicated myself to the church, was reunited with my children, got married. 


I started out in Bethany's Transitional Housing Program and applied for the Rapid Re Housing

program when Bethany's program changed. January 16, 2018 marks four years Iv'e been drug free. 

I am now one of Bethany's Board Members and act as a liaison and support person for our tenants.



Ms. Wright's Story


I have been living at Bethany with my two children, Za’leal and Meyoni,

for a year and two months now. Moving here, I can say, was a very

interesting experience. Why? Because I never did transitional housing before.

This was new to me and it took a lot of getting used to. It took me a while

to come around. But I did. And once I realized how much the Good Hope

House staff really cared and really “stuck their neck out” to help us –

that changed my whole disposition.


My kids love them like they are family, and they are all they talk about. Ever

since me and my children have been here at Bethany, I have learned a lot and not

being alone is one of the things I learned.


I appreciate the help and resources that are provided to me and

my family. And just feeling welcomed and very comfortable is the best feeling

here. One thing I can say is once me and my family leave Good Hope House,

we will be back to visit. – Myeshie Wright, Good Hope House Resident


Ms. Wright has lived with her two children at Good Hope House since May 2014. She obtained employment at a local YMCA and completed hospitality certificate training program at UDC. She hopes this training will help her obtain a job at a major hotel. In July 2015, she gave birth to a 7lb. 12 oz. baby boy she named Chase. Mom, baby and her two children are doing great!



Ms. Ford's Story

“The obstacles that we faced would have made most people give up,

but it only made us stronger.”

Bethany, Inc. has been a blessing to my family. The decisions that I made in

the past have brought them (Bethany) into our lives. Before my family came

to live in The Good Hope House, we were living in undesirable circumstances.

I lost my home and car in the process. My family and I had to depend on an

unreliable resource. After a couple of months of unpaid rent and domestic violence,

I moved my two daughters into a shelter. My case manager came across

Bethany, Inc. and now we are living comfortably. My daughters were able to

attend college and I received a job.


I regret some of the choices I’ve made, but I know that every thing happens for a reason. The obstacles that we faced would

have made most people give up, but it only made us stronger. We are forever grateful

for Bethany, Inc. - Crystal Ford - Former Good Hope House resident


We shared in our holiday newsletter the story of one of these brave women, Ms. Fordham, who is actually Crystal Ford (pictured), and she insists that we use her real name this time. Crystal is proud of what she accomplished at Good Hope House and we are, too! Ms. Ford obtained employment, repaired her credit, and signed a lease for her own apartment. A successful collaboration with a long-term housing program and their efforts with a local landlord brought great results for the Ford family.