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Laura's Story: A Second Chance

Hello I’m Laura. I wanna give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because; if it wasn’t for him I would not be here today. I started this journey on Oct 13, 2014. That was two years ago.

Since then I’ve met nice staff which was my support team. They made me feel at home…….Being at Bethany helped me; it was like a second chance. I love Bethany because it has made me grow up which I thought I was. In the 2 years, I’ve graduated from a 1 year drug program, graduated from Project Empowerment where I worked at a church for six months, became dedicated to the church, got married June 29 th in the church to my wonderful husband, Cleveland. I then worked for the Marriot, now I’m enrolled in school for my high school diploma……

With Bethany’s help, I can go further if I keep this attitude……I love you all and God Bless. Thanks. Another thing. January 16, 2017, I will be three years clean, living still in Bethany with my two beautiful kids.

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