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About Bethany, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Bethany, Inc.'s mission has been to combat homelessness for families in Washington, D.C.


In 2004, Bethany opened the doors of an eight-unit apartment building in Anacostia and named it Good Hope House. Good Hope House provided affordable transitional housing and support services for seven women and their children each year.


In 2016 in an effort to support the Opening Doors strategy, Bethany began offering its apartment units to families in the Rapid Rehousing program. Much progress has been made, yet there is still much more work to be done. 

We now serve eight families a year in our eight unit apartment building.


To provide affordable housing and supportive services for families who are recovering from homelessness and who demonstrate a sincere commitment to return to independent living.


To develop a safe and loving community for homeless families recovering from life traumas, with special focus on the creation of a nurturing environment for the children.


By giving second and third chances, Bethany Inc. focuses on zero income to very low income homeless families who do not yet qualify for public and/or permanent housing programs, by building strength, self-sufficiency, stronger families and proud communities.

We hope that you will continue to support a shared vision of ending homelessness for families. 

History of Bethany, Inc.

Why "Good
Hope House?"

Good Hope House received its name because of its proximity to "Good Hope Road" and because of the powerful meaning it connoted for our residents and the transformation we envisioned for their lives.

Our Staff


Kiristan Leftwich
Executive Director 


Kenyard Holland  
Maintenance Engineer


Anatolia Harper  
Administrative Manager

Board of Directors


P. Carol Bullard-Bates
Founder and President

Charlyne Schofield IMG_0550.HEIC

Charlyne Schofield
Board Member


Eleanor Lauderdale
Board Member


Lurlene Sweeney
Board Member

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