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What We Do

Bethany, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides affordable housing and case management services to families in SE DC. We serve eight families a year in our eight unit apartment building.

The primary goal of Bethany’s program is for families to achieve economic independence and to successfully transition to affordable permanent housing within 12 months.



One unique feature and key component of the program is that services and support are provided for both parents and children in order to ensure that the individual needs of each family member are addressed throughout the process. In order to achieve this goal for the families, Bethany focuses on ending homelessness, providing affordable housing and support services aimed at assisting residents in achieving five key outcomes:


  • Increasing income through steady employment.

  • Achieving and maintaining physical and emotional stability.

  • Obtaining permanent housing.

  • Children developing as appropriate for age.

  • School age children progressing to next grade level as appropriate.



Our programs rely heavily on individual and group sessions focusing on life skills training to guide participants towards physical, emotiona,l and spiritual well-being.


Families are encouraged to explore a wide range of service and training experiences to facilitate their journey to independent living. Families are referred to partner agencies throughout the community as needed and have access to a variety of supportive services including:


  • Spiritual counseling

  • Intensive addiction treatment and counseling

  • Individual and group therapy for adults and children

  • Life skills training classes on subjects such as parenting, finance and budgeting, health and nutrition and conflict resolution

  • Early childhood education, daycare services and after-school care

  • Job skills training and employment placement services

  • Tutoring, mentoring and education-enhancement activities

  • Summer camps, arts and crafts and recreational activities

  • Homebuyer’s programs and permanent housing placement assistance


Bethany helps with some of our families’ most basic needs by providing and accepting donations on their behalf of clothing, toiletries, school supplies, household items, toys, holiday gifts and food pantry items.

Interested in
becoming a resident?

To become eligible to live a Bethany, Inc., you must go through the DC Rapid Rehousing program. While spots are limited, we are here to support you as much as we can along the way.


Whether we can provide you a place to live or a next step in the right direction, your family matters to us!

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