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Spring Newsletter 2021: Rising with Hope

Dear Friends of Bethany,

This is an odd time in our country as we are seeing hope on the horizon with the pandemic because of the vaccines, but people are still getting sick and dying. This tragedy is beyond understanding, with so many loved ones here and around the world dying. This time has been an eye opener also, that if poorer countries do not get vaccinated, no one will be safe. The death of George Floyd and the justice that was finally served for his murder is a light that can begin undoing the systemic racism that is all too alive in our police departments, our government and our society. God is truly showing us that we are all in this together, and that all lives need to rise with hope.

The Washington Football Team Foundation has shown commitment to our families by enabling us to completely renovate our laundry room, replace our water heater and buy a large new washing machine. We still have money left over to help our families buy laundry supplies and do their laundry. We are very grateful to the Foundation for their dedication to our community! They are helping Bethany and our families to rise with hope.

Kiristan Leftwich has been fabulous in getting our COVID-19 grant from the DC Department of Housing and Community Development. This has helped to keep us going in this very stressful time of COVID-19, although we continue to be financially challenged due to several tenants who no longer have rental subsidies, who are not working, and increased utility costs, since so many of our family members are home so much more. Kiristan’s excellent work ethic, her ability to balance all her responsibilities, and her commitment to Bethany and our families has helped us rise with hope.

Our Bethany families continue to have challenges with finding work and with their kids struggling through the isolation of COVID-19 and not having normal interactions with their peers. Only two families are working out of our eight. Our newest staff member, Anna Harper, is helping our families get support to pay their rent with some of DC’s COVID-19 funds. One little boy has a learning problem and Anna is working with his mother to get him an evaluation so he can be given the educational support he needs. She is also investigating ways Bethany can get the financial support we need. Anna is helping our families to rise with hope.

Kip, our maintenance man, has continued to fix things in our families’ apartments that need repair, schedule important maintenance people to come in, and has ensured the upkeep of our building and grounds. His remarkable positive spirit is helping Bethany and our families rise with hope.

We continue to support our Honduran family who has not been able to pay any rent, and is not eligible for any rent subsidies. We still need your support to help us provide for her and her three children. She has applied for asylum in this country. Please help us to help her, her son and two daughters to rise with hope.

You have been there for us and we are so thankful for this. This is a time we need your financial and prayer support more than we have for many years. COVID-19 has prevented so many avenues for Bethany, our parents and their children to move forward in their lives. We pray that you will give more generously than you ever have to help us keep our doors open for the families that need that the safe, supportive environment we provide them. We are grateful for each one of you and how you have provided so much to us in the past! Thank you for helping us to rise with hope.

With many blessings to you and all our thanks,

Carol Bullard-Bates


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